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logo (2)Assisting Better Living Everywhere, (ABLE) is a charitable corporation that improves living and learning conditions around the world including international missions, regional efforts, and local projects.  Our volunteers help  in many different ways including school or orphanage renovations,  grounds beautification, water system installation, feeding a disabled child, sharing a friendship or giving something as simple as a hug.   All of these are of equal importance.  No skills are required to be an ABLE volunteer.  Join our team and make a difference.

Mission Statement: Our goal is to restore, by the grace of God, people’s spirit, confidence and belief in their own abilities by the help we provide.

  • ABLE was formed in 2009 by a small group of people who wanted to create a volunteer-driven organization dedicated to improving lives and communities without restriction to location, but based solely on need.

  • One of ABLE’s founding principles was the belief that the local community should participate in the projects for which they are benefitting, to the degree they are able. International projects are required to have community volunteers in equal number to the volunteers that ABLE supplies.

  • ABLE operates with very low administrative costs, so a very high percentage of donated funds go directly to help change lives. We work to be very good stewards of money donated to ABLE. Volunteers pay their own travel and related expenses.

  • ABLE is a 501 (c) 3  IRS approved tax free charitable corporation.

 International missions:

  • Haiti, Myanmar, Belize, Bolivia, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Mexico…

  • Assist Schools, orphanages, clinics, other community-based projects

  • Medical relief and Dental hygiene

 Regional Efforts:

  •  Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky    

  • Disaster recovery

Local  projects:

  • ABLE Youth encourages the involvement of children in local service activities and mission fund raising such as shoe drives, garage and bake sales.

To view ABLE’s TV interview on Heart of Gold, click the link below:

ABLE on Heart of Gold

Contact information:

3167 Custer Drive
Suite 103
Lexington, KY 40517
Phone: 859-536-7463

To Donate:

 Jamaica 2015-2 Dom Repub - Esperanza 2015 Jamie-Simba Way Belize15-3 Belize15-4 Belize15-5 Jamaica 2015 Jerusalem-1 Ghana Mark Gadja mix concrete by hand Belize15-7 Belize15-6 Jon Cole 223121_178992328816215_6349470_n 30414_103105729738209_3186927_n 30414_103104669738315_2268285_n

Would you consider helping us financially?

Thank you from all of us at ABLE.

Curious?   Check out our   Worldwide Mission Activity  link

5 thoughts on “ABLE Missions

  1. I am a social worker for St. Claire Home Health in Morehead, KY. I have a couple, James & Phyllis Stone, whom I am working with. They both are elderly low income couple whom both have multiple health problems. Mr. & Mrs. Stone both have mobility problems. They currently live in a mobile home & are in need of a handicap ramp for easy access to their home. Mr. & Mrs. Stone can be reached at 606-780-4172. I can also be reached at 606-495-7763.

  2. I am writing on behalf of my elderly and disabled mother for whom able just completed building a wheelchair accessible ramp for. I cannot express my heartfelt gratitude for the volunteers and donors for their help. These selfless individuals provided there time, purchased materials and rented equipment to do the job at no expense to my mother at all, just to help another person in need. I cannot express my gratitude in enough good words to say about this fine organization. My thanks go out to Jaime,Bill,Dennis and Gina and to all the donors and sponsors of this fine organization.
    With the addition of the wheelchair ramp I know that in the event of a fire that my mother can get out of the house safely not to mention that it makes getting out for Dr. appointments much easier than ever before since she has lost her ability to walk due to strokes.
    In closing I just want to add that these people are some of the nicest,most giving people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in my life……
    Sincerely yours,
    Roger Staton (Morehead, Ky)

    • Thanks for the kind words, Roger. Our crew enjoyed working on this project and making a difference. As a result of this experience – and others – we are actively working to expand our senior/disabled program in 2016.

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