Senior/Disabled/Veteran Projects

A key part of ABLE’s mission is to provide critical home repairs to low income senior citizens, disabled individuals and military veterans. There are specific eligibility requirements and most beneficiaries are referred to ABLE by social workers. The majority of the projects occur in central Kentucky. Individuals helped must own the homes.

Many of the projects to date have involved the construction of handicap accessible ramps or removing barriers for wheelchairs. However, we have also repaired steps, floors, eliminated water or wind access. We’ve even helped solve an individual’s legal problems with the local government, related to a crumbling storage shed.

This program operates year-around and ABLE is always recruiting volunteers to help with the projects. Anyone interested merely needs to contact ABLE (information elsewhere on the web site).

Some examples of work done are shown below. Some of the photos show conditions before ABLE’s work.

617 Golfview 624 Maple Ave 3890 Union Mill Bill Hayhurst-Simba Way Jamie - Morehead ramp Jamie-Simba Way Jessamine Shed-1 Morehead ramp Porch of disabled in Irvine unnamed (1)