Critical Home Repair Program

Critical Home Repair is a key component of our mission. However, limitations of resources require us to focus only on projects focused on a homeowner’s safety, health and access. We are unable to take on large or complex projects at this time. We wish we could respond to every need, but that’s just not possible.

While we focus on Fayette County, we are able to make some exceptions within Central Kentucky.

In order to qualify, an applicant must own his/her home and income must fall within our guidelines. A typical project might involve building a handicap accessible ramp or adding rails within a home to help prevent falls.

We do not do home improvements, such as painting. We also don’t work on roof or in any situation where our volunteers might be put at risk.

Anyone who wishes to inquire about this program should contact us for full details. We’ll be happy to assess your situation and determine if we can help. You’ll find our contact information elsewhere on the web site.