How did ABLE get started?

In 2009, a Deacon from the Catholic Church in Guadalajara, Mexico was befriended by future ABLE board members.  He  expressed his concerns to them regarding  several villages in the mountains north of Guadalajara where conditions were extremely poor and desperate for help.  This prompted a visit to the area where “to be” ABLE members  were astonished to see the extremely impoverished conditions in which the people lived.  The identification of this extreme need acted as a catalyst to proceed with the formation of ABLE.  ABLE, INC. was incorporated in December 2009 and filed for non-profit status in January 2010.

Can you guarantee the safety of mission trip volunteers? 

It is impossible to guarantee anyone’s safety, even in our own cities, but precautions have been taken. Mission trip locations are researched to determined that there are no travel warnings for that area. Volunteers travel together and are advised to stay together as a group.

Do volunteers need special vaccinations before traveling?

It is important to visit a travel clinic to determine necessary vaccinations before traveling out of the country.  This visit should be done at your earliest convenience to make certain vaccinations have adequate time to promote immunity.

For more information, visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website: http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/

What measures will be taken to provide volunteers with assistance in the case of a medical emergency during the trip?

Evacuation insurance will be purchased for each traveler.  This will allow for a quick departure if it becomes medically necessary.

Doctor(s) will also be among the volunteers to assist travelers requiring medical attention.

What kind of accomodations will be available for volunteers?

Volunteers will sleep in the local church rectory, group home, hotel or similar type building.

Can volunteers bring items to donate to the local villagers?

Donated items such as gently used clothing, toys, etc. are greatly appreciated and encouraged.  To determine the amount of items that can be donated, volunteers should consult with their airlines to determine allowed number of bags per traveler.  Donated items will be given to the local priest/minister to be distributed according to need.  No gifts should be given directly to villagers.