2015 Missions

Mission to Ghana: July 2015

Fourteen ABLE volunteers traveled to Ghana to build a two classroom kindergarten, with teachers’ offices. The village had no kindergarten and it was a 3-mile walk to the nearest school. Local village chiefs donated the land and had it cleared. Nearly 30 local workers, including volunteers, also supported the project. There was no electricity or running water in the area, so the work was quite demanding. The entire team ate lunch together daily. On the last work day of the project, about 50 local volunteers came to clean up the site before the final celebration. The local leaders erected tents and about 100 people, plus local chiefs and dignitaries attended. A choir traveled 45 minutes to take part – all to celebrate the work and contribution of ABLE!

Ghana 2 room kindergarten Ghana Brian Smith Jean Smith Ghana Brian Smith Ghana Jackson Smith makes fufu for lunch Ghana Jean Smith, Jennifer Combs, Jackson Smith paint Ghana Mark Gadja mix concrete by hand Ghana Wyatt Combs works with local Ghana Wyatt Combs Ghana-2


Mission to the Dominican Republic: June 2015

Ten ABLE volunteers traveled to the Dominican Republic to support Go Mad Ministries. They worked at several locations to paint, clean and perform other tasks in schools and clinics. Shortly before the team’s arrival, 60 homes had burned to the ground. ABLE’s team purchased food and other supplies and helped feed about 300 people. When they departed, they left behind funds to install solar panels and a cistern at a clinic in Esperanza and they funded a parking area and sidewalk to the clinic and school in Munoz.

 Dom Repub - Mariah & Maggie making lunch for fire victims Dom Repub - Loretta sort clothes for fire victims Dom Repub - Lee Ann painting Dom Repub - Jaycee cleaning at clinic Dom Repub - Esperanza 2015 Dom Repub - Cathy & Angela cleaning and landscaping at clinic and school

Mission to Jamaica: June 2015

Fifteen ABLE volunteers went to Jamaica to work in several Mustard Seed locations. At “Sophie’s Place,” they worked with severely disabled children – most with cerebral palsy. They also worked at a facility that cares for teen males who have been infected by HIV and at another that houses 150 orphans. At “Mary’s Child,” the volunteers had a chance to help pregnant teens and young mothers. Among other tasks, the volunteers helped clear drainage ditches in advance of expected hurricanes.

Jamaica 2015-Fathers house Jamaica 2015-4 Jamaica 2015-3 Jamaica 2015-2 Jamaica 2015 Marthas House Jamaica 2015 Jerusalem-1 Jamaica 2015 Jerusalem Jamaica 2015 - Mathew 25-40

Mission to Belize:  January 24 – 31, 2015

Volunteers continued renovations that were started last year on the Jesuit School located in the poorest section of Belize City. Our goal during this trip was to improve water drainage around the school, paint as needed, and continue to organize the library.    

Belize15-9 Belize15-7 Belize15-5 Belize15-4 Belize15-3 Belize15-2 Belize15-1 

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